Pedigrees - W

The following dogs are in the section of the gallery:
WGSDCA BOF Select / UKC Ch. / IABCA International Jungsten Ch.White Stone's Afro Man
White Stone's Artic Excursion
White Stone's Beauty of BiancaWhite Stone's Can't Catch Me
White Stone's Genuine RiskUKC Ch. White Stone's Gon Give It To Ya
White Stone's Intercept ThisWhite Stone's It's All About Me
White Stone's Journey for JusticeWhite Stone's Lil' Piece of Candy
White Stone's Razen KaneWhite Stone's Rock and Roll
White Stone's Shining StarWhite Stone's Silver Bullet
White Stone's Sunshine Kaira
White Stone's Take That
White Stone's White Zinfandel
White Stones Xander The Great
White Whillow Dock of the BayUKC BOTB BIMBS 2x RBIMBS Grand Ch. White Whillow-Noblewood Light Weight
WGSDCII Major Ptd. / URO1 UKC BNPIMBS Grand Ch. White Whillow She's Fine, CGC, VCC
UKC Ptd. White Whillow's Battle Maiden, CGC
C-ATCH CT-ATCH4 CS-ATCH URO3 UACH UKC Ch. / WGSDCA BIF and BIM / ARBA Junior Ch. / IABCA Multi Ch. WhiteStone's Miracle of Atlas RAE, RL1, S-TG-N, S-TN-N, S-NAC, S-NCC, S-NJC, O-HP-N, O-WV-N, NADAC Novice Versatility and Novice Triple Superior, O-TN-O, OAC, TG-O, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, TChFH, TChSN, TChJU, TChWC, TChST, TChCL, TChJP, MAC, OV, WVDA, CGC, GSDCA 13 Club Member
WGSDCII Ch. Wildwood's Mike
WGSDCII Ch. Wildwood's Sky's The Limit
Windstrom's Djuna Von Finn, CD
Windstrom's Lone Wolf, RXO
WGSDCII Ch. Windstrom's Saruman Von Finn, CD, RX, TDI
Windstrom Wolfen Kyber NomadWonderland's Silver Eagle, CD, CGC, HC
Wonderland's Steele MagnumWonderland's Vulcan Saavik
Wytecliff Regal-Down's Rigel

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